This error has turned up now and then, and today I managed to recover it. I have a view with a list of items which need to be ordered from suppliers. Some items are picked from the list and an order is generated for these in a bp. The order is shown on the screen in a separate view. If that order is deleted in that view and a new order is generated from the "item to buy" view, error 4527 occur.

The problem is solved if Send Clear of Orderheader is replaced by Send Clear_All of Orderheader in the bp where the order is generated. However, I have a lot of parallell cases in my program and it is not easy to find them all so I hoped to find a better solution.

The error is described here:

As far as I understand, the problem should have been fixed in vdfvm18.dll ver. I use vdfvm18.dll ver. and I still get the error.

In that article, it is also suggested: "The best solution is to send clear to the DDO after deleting a record from it to set the DDO back to a defined state and remove any traces of the deleted record from its buffer."

Where should that send clear statement be placed? I tried with Clear Orderline in Delete_Main_File of the order line dd class. It cleared the record buffer, but I still get the error. And how can it be possible to send clear to DDO in the class? Do I misunderstand something completely?