Hi Mr Mike,
My name is Ronildo, Brazilian, living in Florida - USA, I worked 15+ years as System Analist in a cleaning industry (www.raymundodafonte.com.br), more than 300 items produced (personal hygiene, home care, etc) and transported by more than 100 own trucks. In the 90's we were the second company to use EDI (the first: Coca-Cola) with ours customers (supermarkets) our servers always IBM (running UNIX / AIX - the last one IBM P550) and the terminals like thin clients, desktops PC, laptops - running Anitta emulator (http://www.april.se/portuguese/anitatech.asp) for Windows Machines. I was responsible for billing, purchasing, financial and transportation systems, but when necessary I also help in others modules.

I worked with Dataflex Versions (2.3B / 3.0 / 3.1 / 3.2 / Visual Dataflex 14).

Thanks for your attention,

Best Regards
Ronildo S. Melo
1 561 562-3786