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Thread: DataFlex 2017 - 19.0 Beta 1 Now Available!

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    Exclamation DataFlex 2017 - 19.0 Beta 1 Now Available!

    Data Access Worldwide is pleased to announce the release of the Beta 1 build of DataFlex 2017 - 19.0.

    Lots of changes, both big and small, between Alpha 2 and Beta 1. There is a new section in the What's New help that provides full details on all the changes - look for the "Beta 1 Build Notes" page.

    Also, Be sure to check out the various example workspaces that illustrate some of the latest changes and additions...

    • Web Order Mobile - Beta 1 marks the debut of swipe gesture in cards! The Demo Techniques menu contains a "Swipable Cards" example.
    • Order Entry Tab - The Order view demonstrates that not setting piMaxSize will allow the view to stretch to full size. Some of the fundamental behaviors of scrolling views has changed and the “Alpha 2 Build Notes | Scrolling and Tab Workspaces” section of the Help contains all the details.
    • Web Order - The Demo menu has been reorganized to make it easier to find the various examples (there is a lot of great stuff in this example of which developers may not be aware. In particular, check out the Restful JSON Service view. If you haven’t yet looked into the full set of JSON improvements in DataFlex 19.0 be sure to read the section on “JSON Parsing and Transfer”.
    • Web Order Mobile - The Select Customer list now allows you to swipe right for access to the Customer Zoom and swipe left for access to list Customer Orders or delete. Another great new feature is the ability for grids to turn off scrolling with pbScroll, which loads the complete data set and turns on column sorting. You can see this new feature at work in the Order Zoom view. See more information about Web Framework changes in the What’s New.

    Complete details about DataFlex 2017 / 19.0 are included in the "What’s New" section of the Studio’s Help. Download the DataFlex 2017 / 19.0 Beta 1 build ( and begin testing these new features with your applications today!

    You can download the latest DataFlex 19.0 build at

    As DataFlex 2017 - 19.0 is entering the Beta phase this signifies the completion of the main planned changes for this revision. The development team will now focus on completing the documentation and reviewing reported bugs and suggestions for possible inclusion.

    Please provide your comments about the Beta build in the the DataFlex 2017 Testing Forum.

    Your Development Team
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