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Thread: Is there any Business Case for DCM?

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    Default Is there any Business Case for DCM?

    Over the last several years I've looked at DCM or Electos as a Content Management Solution for some customer websites. I've never been able to address the customer concern of

    "Why should I Pay for this expensive thing, in a language only you know about, from a company I've never hear of, when I can get a WordPress site set up on any simple web hosting platform, where I don't have to pay a cent for the CM, and I don't need to own a dedicated server to put it on, and templates are readily available?"

    So to recap:

    1. It's expensive.
    2. It requires a web-host I can install custom software on, so it won't run on the base tier of the standard Hosting Sites.
    3. It does not have readily available themes and Templates.
    4. Nobody The customer knows except the salesman has ever heard of it.
    5. Customization is expensive & people who can customize it are scarce .
    6. It has an annual run-time cost.

    How in the name of all that's clean and green and holy, am I supposed to persuade the owner of a business with under 2 million in annual sales that this is any kind of good investment? Obviously DAE has been working on this for the last 10 years or so, so it must have something going for it, If a customer comes to me and says "Hey! I need a website that I want you to set up initially, and then I'm going to have my internal subject matter experts keep it updated after that." What do I give them? What's in it for them? Why should I not continue to say "That's not my thing, here's the number of a local firm that uses WordPress?"

    I want to see Marketing Materials, all prepped up and printed out that I can use to demonstrate an actual honest to goodness business case where choosing DCM over WordPress resulted in a tangible benefit to the client, that was demonstrably worth more than the capital outlay.

    I want canned budget numbers, with comparable points in other products, that I can use to close a sale.

    Michael Mullan.
    Danes Bridge Enterprises.

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    Default Re: Is there any Business Case for DCM?

    And also the fact that there is a DataFlex plugin for WordPress but not for DCM, which means that you should you wish to plug DataFlex applications into their website once it is up and running, it's potentially more preferable for them to go down the WordPress route.

    (I should add, we've recently moved to DCM from Joomla! I don't currently get involved in our website though so I cannot really comment on why we went down this route - other than to say that I think the guys are happy enough so far)
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    Default Re: Is there any Business Case for DCM?

    Put the AppHtml folder as a subfolder of the DCM site and register it properly.
    Next in the DCM-asp you add a line like this:
    <!-- #include file='myDFapp/main.asp' -->

    That should do the job. There might be some pathing issues with uploading from files that manually needs fixing, I'm not 100% sure about that.

    If the app isn't an AJAX application, you might want to work with iFrames.

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    Default Re: Is there any Business Case for DCM?

    hi Michael

    5 years ago I bought a commercial license and today I have not yet set up my website. Today I will try to do it but as you say, there is no template and there is little information for beginners, there should be more information. Why DCM does not have a special site? DAC abandoned it or did not believe in the product? If so, why not return the money? What is the value added compared to other products of the trade? Why DAC does not order information from creation to final publication?


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