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Recompile to 3.2, and use a print helper program to print any reports.

By print helper, I mean a program is an executable (written in Visual Dataflex if reqd) that takes a file, and prints it in a courier font on any printer. This is an approach I've taken, and it works a dream. Let me know if you need more information.
I used to use what used to be a free DOS utility called "Print32.exe" with DF31C. Don't know if it's still around, but the file "Print.exe" comes installed with Windows, which might do pretty much the same thing. Here's the syntax help I got on my Windows 7 64-bit box by typing "Print /?" at a command prompt.

Prints a text file.

PRINT [/D:device] [[drive:][path]filename[...]]

/D:device Specifies a print device.