• Reports saved with the 6.0 product cannot be opened and used in earlier versions of DataFlex Reports (v5.0.1 and older). DataFlex Reports 6.0 Studio can load older report definitions. Executing the reports created with older version may lead to different results.
This drives me totally bats. Every time a new version of DR comes out, I have to go back over all the custom reports that already exist and exhaustively test them to prove that this time they are not going to sandbag me and do stupid stuff like suppress every Integer field because it doesn't like the old format, or the field spacing changes a chunk because reasons and nothing fists on the page any more.

Can you please pick a report format that can be backwards compatible? The longer I do this the more reports I have in the wild, and the more it aggravates me to deal with.

Just my one application has 95 reports. with maybe another 30 or so custom variants....