Hello, I´m beginning with web projects, so some mistakes may show up. lol

well, I have a webapp that runs ok when I´m executing it by studio, it can save the record I ask and it does what my update procedure says. But, if I stop it in studio and try to do the same process, then it doesn´t save data.

The data are not typed from browser, the user just have to choose a free schedule and confirm it using the button. So the save function (javascript) is called by a button in the asp file. I thought that some consistence in my DD was interfering in that, but I have removed it and I left just update procedure from .wo file and nothing happens as well.

Iam using vdf 16.1 and ajax 2.3
<script type="text/javascript">

function ConfirmaAgendamento () {
if (confirm('Deseja realmente confirmar este Agendamento?')) {
var oForm = vdf.getControl("AGENDA_form");
var oDD = oForm.getDD("ITEAGEND");
alert('Agendamento Confirmado!');

} else {
window.alert('O Agendamento NÃO foi Salvo');



<input type="image" name="confirm" value="submit" src="images/Confirma.jpg" onClick='ConfirmaAgendamento()'>
Someone have a light to this trouble?