I will declare my ignorance here because you'll soon find out, anyway.

Currently, we have a web-site which is written in php and angular.js but for which most (soon all) the data manipulation is done by calling web-services I have written originally in DF 17.1 now 18.2. Login is also done by a DF service.

The biggest problem with php is editing data records in a multi-user friendly way. It can be done but is very tedious. DF of course excels at this.

Now comes my naïve question.
Google tells me that single-page angular sites can be integrated with WordPress and so, of course, can DF. Would it be feasible to integrate both the existing angular site and a DF site with WordPress so that the user could be switched seamlessly between the two? In that way, I could use DF's views for data editing and the existing web-site for the other functions it is currently performing. Ultimately I would expect to move the whole site to DF but still need to keep everything running smoothly in the meantime.