DR 5.0.1, DF 18.2

After 20 months using exclusively DR instead of the other reporter, today I realized several things: (all of the following is via integration)

1.) When I generate a report and then close the invoking view, the report is also closed. Why? How can I prevent this?

2.) In two of my views, when I call a report, the report shows in the back of the invoking view. Why? How can I prevent this?

3.) If I generate let's say an Order, leave the preview opened, then go back and change to see a different order, I don't get two different previews, it seems that the last is replacing the first. then when I close the invoking view, I get an error. Why?

First Time I run the report:
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Name:	first time I run the report.png 
Views:	82 
Size:	65.9 KB 
ID:	10415

Second time I run the report, but for a different order, without closing the previous preview:
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Name:	second time I run the same report but different order.png 
Views:	70 
Size:	60.9 KB 
ID:	10416

Error after closing the invoking view:
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Name:	error after running report more that one and closing the invoking view.png 
Views:	67 
Size:	18.0 KB 
ID:	10414

4.) Sometimes when I try to generate a new report, it shows nothing, if I try the second time (without changing anything), it shows the report. Why?

I did subclassed cDRReport.Pkg as follows:

Use cDRReport.pkg

Class cSageDRReport is a cDRReport
    Procedure Construct_Object
        Forward Send Construct_Object
        Set pbAllowMaximizeView to True
    Procedure OnPrintReport Handle  ByRef hPrintDlg
        Handle hoPrintDialog
        PRINTPAGERANGE[] PageRanges
        Forward Send OnPrintReport (&hPrintDlg)

        Get phoPrintDialog to hoPrintDialog
        Move 1 to PageRanges[0].nFromPage
        Get ReportPageCount to PageRanges[0].nToPage
        Set pPageRanges of hoPrintDialog to PageRanges
Maybe I'm doing something wrong and I just can't see it.

Thanks in Advanced.