There is a boolean function of cWPWebApp called InWordPress that will tell you if the program is running under WordPress or not.

Additionally there is also a function called WPInfo, which takes a string parameter of the name of the information you want and returns the value WordPress passes into the program (or nothing if it is not running under WordPress or specify a name it doesn't know. The items it knows about by default (you can extend these in the PHP - see, slides 26-28) are:

  • sWPTimeSent
  • bWPUserLoggedIn
  • sDF4WP_Parameters
  • sWPView
  • sWPSiteAddress
  • iWPUserID
  • sWPUserDispName
  • sWPUserEMail
  • sWPUserLogin
  • iWPUserLevel
  • sWPUserFirstName
  • sWPUserLastName
  • sWPLoginURL
  • sWPHomeURL

Use those as literal strings in the parameter you pass to WPInfo to see the value which was passed to the program (obviously a lot of them will be blank if the user is not logged into WordPress).