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Thread: Calculating taxes in web shop (bug)

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    To start with your last question the answer is yes as you can buy the developer edition. For the price see

    Your own calculation is wrong. 12.63 with VAT makes 15.0297, rounds to 15.03, buy 10 pieces will be 150.30. You could argue about 0.3 cent as it can also be calculated as 10 x 12.63 + 19% = 150,297

    Now, VAT wise there is an issue (at least in the Netherlands). Consumers ALWAYS get a price including VAT (not mentioned specificly as it must be included). Businesses ALWAYS need to get a price without VAT and the VAT is seperately added to the invoice (as they can deduct this from the VAT they pay for delivered services and sold products). This brings an interesting case. An article costing 8.40 euro before VAT costs 10.00 including VAT for a consumer but 9,96 for a business. Taking 10 articles makes the total costs for a consumer 100,00 euro and for businesses 99,96 (so 4 cents less).
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