With the change of servers since this summer, the number of data corruption cases are going up. From 1/year to 3 in 4 in months.
We tried to put the opportunistic locking dissabling the SMB2/SMB3. But the lan is so slow that the users don't permit to us to mantain that conditions and forced us to put it in the previous mode.
Their comment is "Is a problem of YOUR PROGRAM and we can't work so slow".

None of them have the connectivity kit.

Would be important to have in mind that under the clients point of view, they pay maintenance service and they don't want to know nothing about the cause. They only think that other programs runs well and our's not.

Out from here the "you can't" or in "19.x this will not be used" have consequences. Would be better to say in public and openly "In 2/3 years we end the use of this by this and that", that say "we encourage..." that is not saying that this will end, and is not putting an end date.

With this, we have clients saying that our program ( our work ) runs bad in new OS. Nice publicity. And we can't do nothing. They assume that is our problem and is a bad moment ( paying their change to new machines/OS ) to say that as fast sollution they must work using TS. There are better cases, but in general their feeling is a very bad forecast by us.