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    I did a presentation at DAPcon 2016 at Brisbane yesterday and as part of that presentation I showed a little utility I banged up to properly indent my code
    based on keywords.

    Just saves a heap of time when cutting and pasting code snippets as I never need to worry about nice formatting as this does it for me.

    Attached is the main src and the view which is all that is required to create your own workspace drop these in register the project compile and your done.

    In the studio I added the utility yo the Utility Menu as

    Title - CodeIndenter
    Command=C:\YourDevPath\WorkspaceNameCodeIndent\Pro grams\CodeIndent.exe // whatever your file path is to workspace

    so this will format the current file opened in Studio editor


    No docs but I think it is self explanatory

    Also this reliies on uCharArrays which were introduced in 18.1 so only supported from 18.1 and above
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