Hi Everyone,

I have a customer who has a web service running on his server. Now another website calls this web service for information ie. get prices and put order scenario. This setup has been working fine for 3 years now and it is pretty busy as the web server receives about 700 orders daily via the web service. In the last 2 weeks, there has been intermittent failure of the website connecting to the web service server. It would not be able to connect for about 2 hours and then suddenly, it will work again. This is a daily occurrence.

We checked the web service server and everything seems fine. If we log into the web service via the URL into the web service default page, everything works fine. We can get prices etc. but during the "outage", we cannot access it via the other website. On the website side, they say the error is a timeout for the duration that it's not working, then suddenly it starts working again. The other website is hosted on a Unix server. This problem has everyone stymied.

I wonder if anyone on this forum has come across such a situation before of whether you might have any thoughts on this.