Ok I see. I found a post about installing DR to run on the web. Is the below still current?

Copy the OCX (for v3.0 the Visual Report Writer 2013 Developer Edition API.ocx) to the server. My preferred location would be the folder of the webapp.exe file if you have one Web application. If you have multiple I would choose a shared file location.
Open a command window via "Run as administrator" (assuming you deploy on a Windows 2008 server or higher).
Navigate to the location of the OCX and enter 'Regsvr32 "Visual Report Writer 2013 Developer Edition API.ocx"' (enclose the filename in quotes). The response should "Registered with success".
If your reports make use of codemast.dll copy this file to the folder of the webapp.exe. With multiple web applications this needs to be duplicated for each web application.
Copy the VRW.DB file (normal location since Windows 7: C:\ProgramData\Data Access Worldwide\Visual Report Writer\3.0\Data) to the same place on the server.
Of course copy your reports and make sure they can access your database (watch out for permission errors as webservers are usually much more strict than desktop machines)
Copy df_collate.cfg to the location of webapp.exe
Copy language.db there as well if you want to use a different language for errors than the built-in English language
If your reports make use of ELF functions don't forget to copy the ELF DLL files as well

With the API.ocx file, if I have multiple websites, can I install it in the /data/ folder as all 3 websites use the same database?