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Thread: Generating menu after updating to latest CM fails

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    Exclamation Generating menu after updating to latest CM fails

    Strange behaviour after updating to latest CM (DataFlex 18.2 and latest build of CM, from 17.1 and the latest rev of Electos)

    The code below, is supposed to generate ,40,1 when I click on one menu item and ,44,1 for another. But now after updating it generates ,1, for both of the menu items
    I suspect there is something with the Get_PageLevel but I just cant figure out what it could be.

    The Array that is filled is used to check if i should expand a subtree of menus or not.

    I am totaly stuck with this. Any hint would be greatly appreciated.

    Is there something that has changed between the versions?

    I have made sure to replace the Electos includes etc to match the new naming conventions etc.

        Public Sub MenuPrintHeader(sObjectname)
      ' Creates an array that contains the root of id's from the current page to the top, need to initialize the tree.
      dim iLevel, iTopLevel, iMenuProductGroupID
      iMenuItems = 0 
      iMenuProductGroupID = Request("ProductGroupId")
      If (iMenuProductGroupID = "") then
       iMenuProductGroupID = 0
      End If
      iTopLevel   ="Get_PageLevel", iOrrigionalPageID, iMenuProductGroupID)
      sArray      = "1,"
      For iLevel = 1 to iTopLevel
       sArray ="Get_LevelPageID", iOrrigionalPageID, iLevel, iMenuProductGroupID) & "," &  sArray
      sArray = "," & sArray
        End Sub
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