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Thread: DataFlex Reports 5.0.1 Maintenance Release

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    Default DataFlex Reports 5.0.1 Maintenance Release

    We are pleased to inform you about the first maintenance release for DataFlex Reports 2016, version 5.0.1. Download from

    Changes between 5.0 and 5.01 Bug fixes:

    • cDRReportHelper.pkg
      • New package cDRReportHelper.pkg. This file contains the cDRReportHelper class containing the DateTimeToString, DateToString and TimeToString functions. In version 5.0 and older these functions were part of the cDRReport class. They are still there for backwards compatibility but redirect to the functions in an automatically created child object named oDRReportHelper. This way the functions can be used in DataFlex components that don't contain a cDRReport object. The integration wizard generates an object of the cDRReportHelper class in components that don't need a cDRReport object

    • DRExportOptions.dg
      • PDFType combo added to the oDRExportOptionsDialog object (in DRExportOptions.dg)

    • cDRReport.pkg
      • When using preview to a MDI view (cDRPreview) or a toolpanel (cDRToolPanelPreview) the results were not refreshed if the preview window wasn't closed before changing selection criteria and executing the report again

    • cDRSearchPreviewMenuItem.pkg
      • After a PreviewFind the results were not shown. Fixed by adding a PreviewPaint

    Wizard Changes:
    • The wizard now supports reports not using a filelist as database but individual tables
    • When using an ODBC report the wizard checks if the tablenames used matches the datadictionaries defined in the workspace and generates DDO's and code to use these
    • The wizard now sets piColumnCount for the SortOrderGroup in a web component

    To install version 5.0.1 you need to de-install version 5.0 first. Where it is possible to run version 4 and 5 side-by-side it is not possible with a maintenance release.
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