What gets generated from DFR intergration verbatim is the problem if in this case and only if you want to bring up the report from a "send show" instead of a menu and the output to the iframe is what gets you hung up. The GenerateReport Function does not even exist with what gets created using the wizard that is part of the Designer when DFR is integrated. It's totally different. The wizard also creates the iframe and that is what gets you hung the way I am using the report. If you pop the PDF to a new window, NOT using the iframe, and add the GenerateReport function like in the sample, the problem goes away. The thing is, I wasn't even thinking of using the examples since the wizard one would think would do a better job than me translating the sample. The example just keeps displaying the same pdf. You have to uncomment out the example and remove what's there to test a new report you've written. This is a heads up to those that are going to use the wizard to integrate your reports and then later you try and load those reports by using send show somewhere else inside your webapp. You may have trouble. Test the report twice. The 2nd time it may not reinitialize and regenerate the report. You may find the 2nd run leaving the webapp hung up.

Take a look at the sample customerlistsample.wo. You'll need to translate the code to Webapp, delete what's active and uncomment out what is suggested to use if you are writing your own report. Then do not use the iframe. You'll be good to go.