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    Good to read you have been using DataFlex Reports. Let me respond to your findings one by one.

    Adding new tables
    Have you opened the Database Expert? Select current connection to add tables from the current used data-source or select a data-source that matches the current one to add tables from other sets. Note; you can only use one data-source in a report. A sub-report can have a different data-source.

    Reset Page Number after Group Footer.
    What version of DataFlex Reports are you using. There was a version having trouble with pagenumbers. AFAIK all is fine with version 4.0.2 or higher.

    Adding subreports from a file.
    I don't recognize this. My best guess in this is that both sub-reports got the same GUID which should not really happen. Did you use the same file for creating the two sub-reports?

    Combine two or more separate reports into one report
    It is doing this but as you've seen some sections are not applicable. A sub-report is usually started in a page of the main report and has to use the information (available space etc) of the main report. It cannot start its own pages. Tip: The report wizard creates column headers in a page header but for a sub-report move them to the report header.

    Merge two reports into a single preview and export
    Can you tell us why you want to have this feature? For some of the export options I can imagine you want to combine the exports but for a preview? I think that using tab-pages with the results of the reports is a better solution.
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