Well. I'm having to use Dataflex Reports for a project. Nice work, but I have some serious gripes.

Adding new tables
It seems really difficult to add new tables and RDS tables to the report after you've started the report. I've had to completely rewrite a couple of reports because I needed to add tables and couldn't.

Reset Page Number after Group Footer.
I don't know if this is on subreports only, or if it's for all reports but having a group footer with a page reset in it changes the numbering for the report footer of the page that the report is on.

If I have a two page invoice, and a page number rest at the bottom of the second page, then the page number shown on the very bottom of that second page is "Page 1 of 1"

Adding subreports from a file.

I added two separate subreports to a report from files. (A packing list and a despatch note) Double clicking into either subreport only bought up the despatch note. removing one of the subreports then completely stopped the ability to open or run the subreport. It was like adding the second subreport from a files overwrote the space used by the first subreport. This was really annoying because I had edited the first subreport and saved my file and I lost over an hour of work.

Feature Request.
You say that one use of the subreport is to "combine two or more separate reports into one report.", but this doesn't work well as the page footers and page headers from the subreports is not included. Can we have it so that if the report header and footer in the main report is hidden, that the report header and footer from the subreport is used. Alternatively - can you tell me a way I can merge two reports into a single preview and export.