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Thread: How to set the text color of a bold cDbCJGridColumn?

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    Default How to set the text color of a bold cDbCJGridColumn?


    After migrate a VDF 17.0 Windows Application to DataFlex 18.1, I got a problem with the text color of a bold cDbCJGridColumn. If the pbSelectionEnabled=True and there is a column with ComBold=True, the text color from the bold column get white. It does not repect the piHighlightForeColor property.

    I'm sending two images:

    17_0.jpg: Grid on VDF 17.0.
    18_1.jpg: the same Grid on VDF 18.1

    So, the question is: how can I set the selected row text color from a bold cDbCJGridColumn?

    Or: How to force the selected row text color from a bold cDbCjGridColumn to respect the piHighlightForeColor propertY?

    Below is my Grid source:

    Object oOrderDtl_Grid is a cDbCJGrid
        Set Server to OrderDtl_DD
        Set Ordering to 1
        Set Size to 63 377
        Set Location to 107 3
        Set peAnchors to anAll
        Set pbAllowInsertRow to False
        Set pbRestoreLayout to False
        Set psLayoutSection to "OrderView_oOrderDtl_Grid2"
        Set piLayoutBuild to 6
        Set pbHeaderPrompts to True
        Set piHighlightBackColor to clAqua
        Set pbSelectionEnable to True
        Set piHighlightForeColor to clBlack
        On_Key Key_F11 Send Request_InsertRow
        Object oMark is a cCJGridColumnRowIndicator
        Object oInvt_Item_ID is a cDbCJGridColumn
            Entry_Item Invt.Item_ID
            Set piWidth to 91
            Set psCaption to "Item ID"
            Set psImage to "ActionPrompt.ico"
        Object oInvt_Description is a cDbCJGridColumn
            Entry_Item Invt.Description
            Set piWidth to 213
            Set psCaption to "Description"
            Procedure OnSetDisplayMetrics Handle hoGridItemMetrics Integer iRow String  ByRef sValue
                Handle hoFont            
                Variant vFont                
                Forward Send OnSetDisplayMetrics hoGridItemMetrics iRow (&sValue)
                Get Create (RefClass(cComStdFont)) to hoFont
                Get ComFont of hoGridItemMetrics to vFont
                Set pvComObject of hoFont to vFont
                Set ComBold of hoFont to True
                Send Destroy of hoFont                
    Ivan Kaupa
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