In the help, for RC1, the examples don't compile as written.

Prompt_Object property  as follows:

Use cMonthCalendarPrompt.pkg
Object oDateFormTest is a Form
    Set Location to 16 89
    Set Size to 13 66
    Set Label to "Date Select Test:"

    Set Prompt_Object to oMonthCalendarPrompt
    Set Prompt_Button_Mode to PB_PromptOn
oMonthCalendarPrompt is not defined as a global object.

I'd expected that down in the bottom of cMonthCalendarPrompt.pkg

would be:


#IFNDEF oMonthCalendarPrompt 
Object _MonthCalendarPrompt is a  cMonthCalendarPrompt
  Global_Integer  oMonthCalendarPrompt
  Move (self) to oMonthCalendarPrompt 

or something.

Plus when I did all that, i get no popup. ??