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Thread: 11 min to change values in 11k records - is that right?

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    Default 11 min to change values in 11k records - is that right?


    I am currently running a VDF 17.1 Windows application. The database is hosted on a Windows 2008 Server in SQLExpress 2008 using MSSQLDRV for connectivity.

    When I run a utility that updates selected values (not using the DataDictionarys) it takes 11 min to update 11k records. It seems slow to me, does that seem slow to you?
    I have an Index for each of fields I am searching on.

    The process runs as follows:

    Step 1: Build Constraint_Set depending on user selection (Date Range, Employer/Equipment/Employee)
    Step 2: While (Found), relate and find other values not related to that table.
    Step 3: Reread >> Change Values (Only for selected objects) >> Saverecord >> Unlock >> Constraint_Find Next
    Step 4: Append OnScreenOutput with changes made.
    Step 5: Constrain_Set 1 Delete

    I have never run a tool that made changes to that many records and have never noticed how slow it is.
    Maybe there is a better/faster way for a process like this. Any idea?

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