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Thread: UplHold an OAuth 2.0 compliant service

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    Lightbulb UplHold an OAuth 2.0 compliant service

    Hello Mike
    I trying to implement UpHold the "world's fastest growing platform for moving, converting?, transacting ?and holding any form of money or commodity.?Instantly, securely and for free". Uphold is an OAuth 2.0 compliant service -info here:

    I think this could be very useful implementation for all ecommerce Dataflex applications. They offer full api for developers, here some app developed used their api

    So I started to study it to see how we can implement with OAuth Library for Dataflex. The application created with uphold api must be secured with a valid SSL certificate issued by a known Certificate Authority. Likewise, the provided Redirect URL when registering the application must be a valid static subresource

    For now I got the base informations to get access... so I implemented follow values
      Object oUPHttp is a cHttpTransferUIG
            Set psRemoteHost    to ""
            Set piRemotePort    to rpHttpSSL
            Set peTransferFlags to ifSecure
     Object oOAuth is a cOAuth2
            Set wpsOAuth2Url    to ""   <<<< it could be wrong?
            Set wpsClientID     to "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" // ClientID  could be generated from uphold using a sandbox account
            Set wpsRedirectUrl  to "" // this empty page i created to receive back from upload
            // Normal properties
            Set psClientSecret  to "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" // app secret  could be generated from uphold using a sandbox account
             Set psTokenHost     to  ""  
             Set psTokenPath     to "oauth2/token"  //or  "v0/me/tokens" for personal access with login e pasw with basic authentication // correct sintax only branch or all path?
             Set wpsAuthCdName   to "authorization_code"  // it is correct?
    and add these two parameters required

             Procedure OnBeforeLogin
                Send ClearParams
                  Send AddParam "scope" "cards:Read"  // command scope
    first when I try to login I Got 404 error Sorry, that page doesn't exist! looking to further investigate.
    If you have some suggestion thanks.

    Franco Spinella
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