Hey everybody. I'm a little bit lost in my project and I hope somebody here is able to help me.

I have to develop a RESTFul Webservice and I am still using Visual DataFlex 17.0.
After reading a couple of Wikipedia articles about the Representational state transfer, the Hypertext Transfer Protocol and also the forum thread about REST APIs and OAuth 2.0, I still don't have quite the right answer/solution for my problem.

Maybe I understand something wrong. I'm gonna explain my thoughts

In the HTTP/1.0 specification the methods GET, POST and HEAD were implemented and in the HTTP/1.1 OPTIONS, PUT, DELETE, TRACE and CONNECT were added. To run/develop a RESTFul webservice, I need 4 (GET, PUT, POST, DELETE) out of the 8 HTTP methods. In Visual DataFlex 17.0 there are only 3 (GET, POST and PUT) of 4 (DELETE is missing) methods given. For my project I don't need to delete anything, it's only necessary to create and to submit data, so I only need the GET and POST method. The POST and GET method are both implemented in Visual DataFlex 17.0, so I am able to realize a RESTFul Webservice with VDF 17.0 and only the GET and POST method. Am I right with this theory, or completely wrong?