Please don't tell anyone, but I listened to the presentation & am following directions.

My initial testing shows that this is indeed fixed. At this client, we are in the process of testing 18.1 & will now switch to 18.2 (hoping that the 18.2 release is quick) - as it makes sense & the pbSmartRelate may well "fix" a lot of issues we've found with 18.1 being much pickier about tables missing in the DDO tree (can't save xxx, file zzz required).

I should have user testing on this early next week - if not sooner - and will post back here with the results.

Thanks! While in my particular case, knowing about 18.2 a week earlier would've saved a lot of work, I am still extremely pleased to see a "bug fix" release - as most of the folks @ DAW have heard me whine about this sort of stuff ad nauseum.