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    Exclamation Welcome to DataFlex 2015 - 18.2

    Data Access Worldwide is pleased to announce the release of the beta-test version of DataFlex 2015 - 18.2.

    DataFlex 18.2 is a maintenance release that builds on the foundation of DataFlex 18.1. It focuses on developer suggestions and bug fixes. The enhancements and fixes range from the base system, up through data dictionaries and the framework and the developer tools themselves (especially the Studio).

    The current 18.2 Beta 2 build has over 135 bug fixes and 30 implemented suggestions and we are still aggressively adding to these totals.

    This video by John Tuohy provides a full introduction to the DataFlex 2015 / 18.2 release and how to start using it.

    We encourage you to learn about 18.2, install it right away and then provide us with your feedback through this forum.


    The changes in DataFlex 18.2 are widely spread across the system; including the Studio, Web and Windows frameworks and base system (runtime, packages, etc.), including the following:

    Windows Framework

    • Month calendar control
      • For prompts and other custom uses (See Order.vw)

    • Windows 10 font spacing issue resolved (kerning)
    • Uses latest Codejock controls (16.4.0)

    Web Framework

    • Complex views display much faster on clients
    • New parent combo control
    • Web based Data Dictionary Inspector
    • Improved cookie management
    • Better error handling
    • Many JavaScript engine improvements
      • Better cross platform compatibility and performance
      • Many layout and alignment improvements

    • New Desktop Theme
      • Has modern look of mobile/touch but with smaller control sizing


    • Better Table Explorer Table Filter options
      • Table list (filelist) filtering is now applied more widely throughout the Studio, e.g. the DDO Table Selector.

    • Generates .DEF files whenever .FD files are generated (configurable). You can also explicitly generate .DEF files
    • Configurable pre & post compile processing
    • Optimized Web Designer (much faster)
    • Better support for JavaScript sub-classing in the Designer

    Data Dictionaries

    • Smart Relates
      • If parent DDO is not present, no relate
      • pbSmartRelate
      • Enabled by default
        • Most developers think this is how DDs already work

      • Can improve performance in large batch operations
      • Can improve performance when using SQL

    Base System

    • New Functions
      • String/Array
        • StrSplitToArray() / StrJoinFromArray()

      • Date/DateTime and TimeSpan
        • Makes it easy to set dates and perform datetime arithmetic (over 20 new functions)
        • Examples: DateAddMonth(), DateAddSecond ()

    • Other minor Windows 10 compatibility changes

    You can download the latest DataFlex 18.2 build at

    Your Development Team
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