Hi Dennis;
I need to use that specific version of the client. I found guidance for the article "Converting String to Uchar"(Sonny Falk)- bu I'm still having problems. If i define a struct it does not recognize the file; if I ride as variable in the procedure, it gives "Access_Violation"

I Have done :
Struct tConvFileFormat
String cfields
Char[10] cName
Char[10] cType
Char[10] clength

Move (Trim(sFileOrigem)) to sFileOrigem
Move (ResizeArray(cFileOrigem,(Length(sFileOrigem)+1))) to cFileOrigem
Move (AddressOf(cFileOrigem)) to lpFileOrigem
Move sFileOrigem to lpFileOrigem

Move (Trim(sFileDestin)) to sFileDestin
Move (ResizeArray(cFileDestin,(Length(sFileDestin)+1))) to cFileODestin
Move (AddressOf(cFileDestin)) to lpFileDestin
Move sFileDestin to lpFileDestin
Move "|S10 |S14 |S02 |S01 " to sMsgTX
Move (ResizeArray(cArquivoConv,(Length(sMsgTX)+1))) to cArquivoConv
Move (AddressOf(cArquivoConv)) to lpFile
Move sMsgTX to lpFile

Move (FXPBasicConvFromText(cFileOrigem,cFileDestin,lpFi le)) to iRetVal // Access_violation
or using Struct
Move (AddressOf(vtConvFileFormat)) to lpFile

he not recognize this file...I'm using or Address or Pointer... but not understand this.
thanks for attention

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FYI: in DataFlex 18.1, we have added a number of new functions for UChar arrays that simplify this.