For several months I had struggled with Outlook 2013 which was getting slower and slower and freezing a lot during synchronizing with my IMAP.

I did tons of searches on the internet and found out it was a pretty crowded room of people with the same complaints. I tried switching to different email clients including Thunderbird and just couldn't find anything that I liked until recently.

A few weeks ago I installed a product called em Client and just love it. It is lightning quick and does pretty much all that Outlook did but much better. I had to buy it (ie it wasn't free), but am very happy that I did. I purchased 3 licenses with LIFETIME updates for $179. If anybody else is going through the same struggle that I just went through, have a look at this product... I highly recommend it. You can also download it and try it for 30 days and they even have a lighter FREE version. It imports all you Outlook crap really nicely too.