I have two DD´s

    Object oLV_DD is a Lv_DataDictionary
      Set Allow_Foreign_New_Save_State to True 
      Set pbUseDDRelates to True
      Set Field_Related_FileField Field lv.KONTAKT to File_Field KONTAKT.NUMM

    Object oKontakt_DD is a Kontakt_DataDictionary
        Set pbUseDDRelates to True
        Set DDO_Server to oLiefbed_DD
        Set DDO_Server to oZbed_DD
        Set DDO_Server to oLand_DD
        Set DDO_Server to oK_Bran_DD
        Set Field_Related_FileField Field kontakt.numm to File_Field LV.KONTAKT

    Set Main_DD to oLV_DD
    Set Server to oLV_DD
I create a cdbcjgrid.

One field from the oKontakt_DD, named sws (custumer is a black sheep).
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The content of kontakt.sws is "J" or "".

Object oKONTAKT_SWS is a cKUSDbCJGridColumn
  Entry_Item KONTAKT.SWS
  Set piWidth to 36
  Set psCaption to "SWS"
  Set psCheckboxTrue to "J"
  Set psCheckboxFalse to ""
  Set pbCheckbox to True
kontakt.sws is ASCII 1

I will get a checkbox, but allways not checked.
Have changed it to 1 and 0. It don´t work.
If i do it with a field from the oLV_DD, it will work?