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    Default DataFlex OAuth 2 component beta 2

    I am uploading a second beta version of the DataFlex OAuth 2.0 component workspace to correct some minor errors that have appeared during development of the Office 365 API component.

    There is very little changed:

    • At Harm's advice (and because I found that otherwise JavaScript Booleans were being returned as strings) I have explicitly added all of the DataFlex web properties as proper framework properties in the JavaScript
    • At Marcia's suggestion, the sample application should now "trim" the operation string before use
    • Because Roel wanted to do it and it was the easiest way for me to show him how, a "" sample has been added
    • Fixed (I hope) are some minor problems which had emerged with dates (when calculating the amount of time left in an access grant): these would only affect you if you were (a) using a non-US date format and (b) ran the program initially under the debugger, doing your login to whichever provider there, then exited the debugger, but continued to run the application. In that case, on certain days of certain months, the date/time an access token was granted could appear to be later than the current date/time, causing a calculation error (I am guessing that this is because the debugger uses US dates, not the local date format)

    Updated documentation is here.

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