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Thread: Microsoft Office 365 REST API DataFlex component

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    Default Microsoft Office 365 REST API DataFlex component

    Here is first release of our Office 365 REST API DataFlex component (attached to this post). Documentation on its usage is relatively brief, because it would be redundant to fully document the API given that Microsoft's own documentation of it is available here.

    In addition to the component workspace, you will require the OAuth2 component library workspace which it uses - you will need to add that as a library (from the DF Studio menu: "Tools" -> "Maintain Libraries...").

    The zip file contains the component library's workspace, which (once downloaded and unzipped) you can link to from your own workspaces, however the component workspace itself also contains a sample / test application (only a single web view: Office365Test.wo) which can be used for testing and exploring the features of the Office 365 API: just compile and run the WebApp project in the workspace). Warning: the test program is not an end-user-friendly application, rather it is a developer's test framework; it will allow you to make any number of mistakes - in fact in most cases unless you get everything just right it will not work. It does however provide an example of how to invoke each operation in the API. Notes on its usage are in the documentation. Obviously you will require an Office 365 account to log into in order to use the features of the API. (If you are using your own live account, take care with operations such as DELETE!)

    I am designating this an "alpha" release since the size of the Office 365 API it implements (~67 operations) makes testing it all in depth a formidable proposition (I am not so young any more and may not have so much time left to me! ). Each operation has been tested more than once and some have been tested many times, however testing each one one in each of its possible usage scenarios makes for a formidable proposition - I am hoping for some help here with that aspect.

    Most of the Office 365 API is fully implemented (there are a couple of exceptions in the Calendar API: "Sync events" and "Get an event instance" are not implemented), but three recently added "preview" APIs: "Outlook notifications", "Outlook user photo" and "Video" are not currently included; neither is the "Discovery Service". These may be added at a later date if there is sufficient interest in them.

    What is implemented is:

    Please report any errors or problems here (or feel free to report that everything works perfectly... as if! )

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