Got a request to connect DF to Meetup.com.

Pickup the Mailchimp.wo and changed it to MeetupTest.wo
Made changes to the web and normal properties

// Web properties
Set wpsOAuth2Url to "https://secure.meetup.com/oauth2/authorize"
Set wpsClientID to "r2i0dqjsu9pjn1okg88v4s8xxx"
Set wpsRedirectUrl to "http://localhost/OAuth2/OAuth2/Callback.html"
Set wpsResponseType to "code"

// Normal properties
Set psClientSecret to "7k2p0899qr6rirc7psvdboxxxx"
Set psTokenHost to "secure.meetup.com"
Set psTokenPath to "oauth2/access"

And logged in to Meetup.com with the access_token supplied by Meetup.com after signing-up to meetup.com.
The result was getting a timestamp (no error) from meetup.com (so far so good i think)

My problem is that i get an error message after adding
https://api.meetup.com/activity?&sig...to-host=public (https://secure.meetup.com/meetup_api...path=/activity)
to the operations field and executing

The error messages is: {"errors":[{"code":"not_authorized_host","message":"A valid host is required"}]}

I made one small change to the LIop procedure
Procedure LIOp
        String sOp sVerb sResp sToken sPath sContent
        Integer iOK
        WebGet wpsAccessToken of oOAuth to sToken
        If (sToken = "") Begin
            Send ShowInfoBox "You need to log into Meetup before testing operations" "Error"
        WebGet psValue of oOperation    to sOp
        WebGet psValue of oVerb         to sVerb
        WebGet psValue of oContent      to sContent
        Move (sOp)                      to sPath  //<<<<<
        WebSet psValue of oPath         to sPath
        Send ClearHeaders   of oLIHttp
        Send Reset          of oLIHttp
        Get AddHeader       of oLIHttp "Authorization" ("Bearer" * sToken)  to iOK
        // The following two calls tell the Meetup API that you want to work in JSON rather than XML
        Get AddHeader       of oLIHttp "x-li-format"   "json"               to iOK
        Get AddHeader       of oLIHttp "Content-type"  "application/json"   to iOK
        Get HttpVerbAddrRequest of oLIHttp sPath (AddressOf(sContent)) (Length(sContent)) False sVerb to iOK
        If iOK Begin
            If ((Left(sResp, Length(C_DOCTYPE) - 1) = C_DOCTYPE) or ;
                (Left(sResp, Length(C_HTMLTAG))     = C_HTMLTAG)) Begin
                WebSet pbRender of oResponseText to False
                WebSet pbRender of oResponseHTML to True
                WebSet psHtml   of oResponseHTML to (psData(oLIHttp(Self)))
            Else Begin
                WebSet pbRender of oResponseText to True
                WebSet pbRender of oResponseHTML to False
                WebSet psValue  of oResponseText to (psData(oLIHttp(Self)))
        WebSet psValue  of oRemains to (GrantLeft(oOAuth(Self)))
Any idea what i'm doing wrong?

2. The different views show us to access external API's and receiving a result. What i'm missing in the examples is what to do with the received data.
At the presentation of oAuth2 in the netherlands i've seen some good examples. Can these examples be added to the beta?