I'm getting this error when my DataFlex 18.0 program tries to run my DFReports (DFR 2014 report:

"Visual Report Writer error. table Dailyhrs has no column named Branch
Error: 1 (0)"

If I load the report in DFReports studio and check the database, it shows the the first column in the RDS table "Dailyhrs" is named "Branch" (String, length 4). So why am I getting the error above? Resaving the report and recompiling the program did not help.

One other note (that may or may not be related): I (again) used the pound sign ("#") in column names. (I use this character in column names ALL THE TIME. I don't understand why this is not an allowed character.) I bring this up (again) because I had just "corrected" the column names (to remove the # character) before this error occurred. Before I corrected the column names, when I ran the report I got the error about the "#" character.