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Thread: cDBCJGrid clears on save when connected to SQL backend

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    Default cDBCJGrid clears on save when connected to SQL backend

    Hello all,

    I have DataFlex application that whilst undergoing revisions as DataFlex evolved has been using the embedded database for at least the last 20 years. Recent changes to this program utilise an SQL back-end in place of the embedded database. The migration to the SQL back-end has revealed an issue in the behaviour of a grid when saving a new row.

    This is the actor action

    1. A new row is selected in a grid and data entered
    2. A save is initiated by navigation out of the grid to a text box that is bound to the same table as the columns in the grid

    Alternative Save in place of autosave in 2 above

    1. A save is initiated without leaving the new row of the grid by pressing F2

    For the embedded database the behaviour is as experted only the new row is updated on the save, however if the same code is run against an SQL back-end at the save event the entire grid will clear and show no data in any row.

    On the SQL connected program if the new row is saved by navigating to the next empty row, or navigating to an existing row that has data, the behaviour is as expected, only the new row is updated leaving the contents of the other rows intact. This clearing of the grid only occurs on the save of a new record when navigation out of the grid or issuing a save whilst within the new row.

    At present I have tested this with an ODBC connection to Mariadb as well as native connection to MSSQL. Before I go down the path of reporting this as a bug I want to see if anyone in the community has experienced a similar issue and has a resolution for it.

    The attached file is a Dataflex 18.0 workspace with a newly generated example containing one table, a single cDBCJgrid with three columns from that table and an oDbRichEdit on the fourth column of the table. You will need an SQL back-end to see the issue, if you convert to the embedded database you will not see the issue.

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