DF 18.1 - RC 1

In the Studio, after click in the "Find First" button using the "Replace in Files", I received the error 98 message.

Steps when I received the message:

1- With the WebApp Designer opened, after a CTRL+Shift+F in the Code Editor, entered the values to find and replace, I clicked in the "Find First" button. Then, the error occurred, and I received the first message: "Invalid Message. MSG_ONDFFOCUS" "Error: 98"
2- After clicked "OK" in the first message, a second message was showed, "Invalid Message. MSG_EXITING" "Error: 98".
3- After clicked "OK", the first message was showed again. After new click in "OK", the last message "Invalid Message. MSG_ONEXITOBJECT" "Error: 98" was showed.

After clicked "OK" again, the Studio come working normally. I can't reproduce this again.

Attached images with the error messages in detail and the screen shot, where the WebApp Designer show a strange appearance in the background.

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