'Starts with' is something we do a fair bit in SQL. It's very similar to SQLStrLike except there is no '%' prefix to the search value. Perhaps the following could be considered for the SQL Helper Class (cDAWSQLDriverHelper) along with its public access method.

Function SQLStrStartsWith Integer iField String sSearch Returns String
    String sFilter sFileField
    Integer iHasLikeEscape
    Get SQLStrFileFieldName iField To sFileField
    Get SQLEscapedStr sSearch To sSearch
    Move (Pos(SQL_LIKE_ESC, sSearch)) To iHasLikeEscape
    If (NOT(iHasLikeEscape)) Begin
        Get SQLEscapeLikeWildcards sSearch To sSearch
    Move (sFileField + " LIKE '" + sSearch + "%'") To sFilter
    If (NOT(iHasLikeEscape)) Begin           
        If (Pos(SQL_LIKE_ESC, sFilter)) Begin
            Move (sFilter + " ESCAPE '" + SQL_LIKE_ESC + "' "  ) To sFilter
    Function_Return sFilter
End_Function // SQLStrStartsWith
Also in the original SQLStrLike method there are two lines of code (301, 302) plus variables that are redundant.