Hey guys,
I am getting this error ("invalid message: GET_ACTIVE_STATE") when I try to save a DDO record by a procedure that was called by a dftimer class, how can we see in code below:

Procedure Declara_DDOs

    Get Create U_Medicos_DataDictionary to ghoMedicosDDO
    Get Create U_Especia_DataDictionary to ghoEspeciaDDO
    Get Create U_Agenda_DataDictionary to ghoAgendaDDO
    Set DDO_Server     of ghoAgendaDDO to ghoMedicosDDO     
    Set DDO_Server     of ghoAgendaDDO to ghoEspeciaDDO
    Get Create U_IteagenD_DataDictionary to ghoIteagendDDO        
    Get Create U_FIteagen_DataDictionary to ghoFIteagenDDO  //ghost of Iteagend
    Set DDO_Server     of ghoFIteagenDDO  to ghoAgendaDDO //using the Iteagend like main DDO I got the same error

//procedure to save a simple test record 
Procedure test_save
    Send Declara_DDOs
    Send Clear of ghoFIteagenDDO
    Move 7343        to fiteagen.NUMERO
    Move 5           to fiteagen.ORDEM
    Send Find of ghoFIteagenDDO eq 1
    If (Found) Begin                                            
        Set Field_Changed_Value of ghoFIteagenDDO Field fiteagen.STATUS to "5"
        Send Request_Save of ghoFIteagenDDO    //error was shown in this line   
    //Send destroy_DDOs 

Object oWsDfTimerAtendimento is a cWsDfTimer
    Procedure OnTimer Integer wParam Integer lParam
        Forward Send OnTimer wParam lParam
        Send test_save


Procedure Start_Timer_Atendimento
    Send OnTimer of oWsDfTimerAtendimento 1 1 
    Set Timeout of oWsDfTimerAtendimento to 60000
    Set Timer_Active_State of oWsDfTimerAtendimento to True
someone could help me ?