I'm looking at setting up a two location install of a DF18.0 app with MSSQL as the back end. I'm trying to balance useful speed & uptime, vs Monthly running cost. The application is your standard Order Entry / Point Of Sale Kind of thing. with a total of 10 users.


1. Put the whole thing on an AWS EC2 instance cost roughly:
  1. $70/mo for a windows t2.Medium
  2. $1,000 for 10 Server 2012 CALs
  3. or $350/mo for 10 Amazon Workspaces

2. Put a server in each location, with local workstations, No shared data:

2xServer $4,000 (Dell basic model)

3. Put a server in ONE location, and connect the remote site with RDP over the VPN to the other store.

1xServer $2,000,
5xCAL $550

4. Put a local (small) server in each store, but keep the data on an AWS RDP server.

- Chuck already nixed this one, the remote database is just too slow.

5. Put in two servers, and use M$ Replication to sync the databases, (I really don't like this one, because I'm not sure how replication will affect my app.)

Servers $3,500

Laid out like this, the $1100 for M$ CAL's to get to the Amazon server doesn't look too bad.

I need to put this into a more formal proposition for the client. Anybody got anything to add? Anything I forgot?