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    Default DataFlex Reports 4.0.2 Released

    Data Access Worldwide is pleased to announce the availability of DataFlex Reports 2014 v4.0.2! This is the second maintenance release of DataFlex Reports 4.0

    Please take a moment to study the DataFlex Reports 4.0 Feature list to find out what is new in version 4.0.

    You can download the installation at: The download page offers both the developer and the standard editions.

    • Reports saved with the 4.0 product cannot be opened and used in earlier versions of DataFlex Reports. There is no report structure change which means reports created with version 4.0.2 can be opened in version 4.0. Of course executing the reports may lead to different results.
    • DataFlex Reports v4.0, v4.0.1 and v4.0.2 cannot run side-by-side. You need to de-install version 4.0/4.0.1 before installing version 4.0.2. We recommend you reboot your computer after de-installation. Version 4.0/4.0.1/4.0.2 can run side-by-side with version 3 or older.

    The DataFlex Reports product runs in evaluation mode for the next 60 days if no license key is entered. Holders of a current DataFlex Reports subscription should have received their license code. If you did not receive one, if you don't have a current subscription or you are new to the product; contact your sales representative for a license.

    We've also released the maintenance tool for DataFlex Reports 4.0.x which makes it possible to update all the current reports to the current 4.0 version in a batch operation and/or run a check database operation on multiple reports.

    The next revision planned is 4.1 with new features.
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