Hey everyone. I have a little problem with DataFlex 18.0 using WebService (SOAP).

I added a webservice-class and gave the wizard my WSDL-file and everything was parsed correctly.
So now DataFlex includes everything in my project, also this:
Set psServiceLocation   of hoB2B        to 'http://dummy.dummyonweb.com/WS/WSDE.asmx'
The company which gave me this WSDL-file said, that I have to use proxy, to transfer the credentials. They also gave me a Visual C# file, with the following codeexample.

// SOAP Class
B2B_Soap.OrderWSDE ws = new B2B_Soap.OrderWSDE();
ws.UseDefaultCredentials = false;
// Define URL
ws.Proxy = new WebProxy();
// Set Credentials - User = "17-1-" + "CustomerNo (7Digit)" Password = 99% = "asdf1234-1a2s-3f4g-5g6h-asdf123456gh"
ws.Credentials = new NetworkCredential("17-1-01234567", "asdf1234-1a2s-3f4g-5g6h-asdf123456gh");
// textbox3 = result = InterchangeId / textbox1 = B2B XML
textBox3.Text = ws.SendOrderXmlDe("17-1-0009604", textBox1.Text);
Now my question is: How can I realize the same thing ( ws.Credentials = new NetworkCredential("17-1-01234567", "asdf1234-1a2s-3f4g-5g6h-asdf123456gh"); ) in DataFlex? Is there already a function?