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Thread: DR 4.0.1 report crashes

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    Unhappy DR 4.0.1 report crashes

    Hello DAW,

    I created a lot of reports in DR 4.0.1 and integrated these into existing programs via cDRReport class.
    When reporting in the Studio all runs well. The preview of a certain Report Comes up correctly.

    Running the same program without the Studio the Report and the Program crashes.
    The Status Panel Counts the same number of records but then I get the error and that's it.

    Is there an obvious difference between running the program from the Studio (with Debugger) and
    from outside the Studio?

    Please advise if that is a common Problem and how I can work around it.


    P.S.: I am using Windows 8.1. When starting the program in compatibility mode for Windows 7
    it did not Crash. Is there a compatability Problem between Windows 8.1 and DR2014???
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