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Thread: Device Emulation and Mobile Device Sizes for Testing

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    Lightbulb Device Emulation and Mobile Device Sizes for Testing

    A frequently asked question by developers is how to test web applications on various mobile devices (different phones and tablets).

    In Chrome

    By far the easiest method is to use the built-in device emulator in the Chrome browser.

    To access this options, in Chrome, click the Hamburger Menu > More Tools > Developer Tools. On the developer tools menu click the icon that looks like a mobile phone to toggle device mode (shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+J).

    Also see this Google article about Device Mode & Mobile Emulation in Chrome.

    Keep in mind that emulators are not necessarily a perfect simulation of a real device. They are a good method for testing lots of devices to get a feel for how your app looks and feels, but there can be significant differences between emulators and real devices. In addition, Android and Apple devices can run multiple different browsers and there can be significant differences between browsers on the same device.

    In FireFox

    I stole borrowed this from Chuck's reply:

    And for those that prefer Firefox there is also an option on the developer menu for Responsive Design View

    Determining Device Resolutions

    Although Chrome lists many common mobile devices for emulation, the list is not complete. Firefox doesn't list devices at all, just various resolutions and allows you to add custom resolutions to the list. has a great list of mobile devices and their resolutions. When determining the resolution to use for DataFlex web applications, look at the CSS width and height columns.

    If you are using a device that's not listed here, you can Google the resolution by searching for the 'virtual resolution' for the device in question (iPhone 5 is listed, I'm just using it as an example).
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