Has anybody here used Progress in the last few years? How does it compare to (Visual) DataFlex? I'm looking for unbiased (or as unbiased as we can be here) information, not just where DataFlex is better.

My client is looking at a new management system written in Progress to replace their existing system written in DataFlex 3.2 for Linux.

I looked at Progress briefly in the mid 80's but settled on DataFlex and haven't looked at it again until now. They list so may products and variations on their website that I'm not even sure what I really want to look at. (This would be primarily Windows client applications, but maybe some web stuff in the future.)

It still seems to "run" in a Linux environment, though the studio (OpenEdge?) runs in a Windows client and seems to develop Windows, web browser and phone applications.

Does Progress still use their own embedded proprietary database? (Like our embedded database.) Do they support other databases (specifically MS SQL)?

How's their "studio" for application development?

Is Progress object oriented? Or just have object capabilities? (I couldn't tell from what I've read so far. They talk about objects but don't refer to object oriented.)

Their "community" doesn't seem nearly as active or helpful as the DA forums.

Any comments? (Thanks for any comments you might be willing/able to offer.)