After hearing a lot about DataFlex and especially the new Web Application features, I'm giving it a go. I just completed the first Windows application tutorial and am trying to move on to the first Web Application tutorial in the Quick Start workspace. I run into an error message when trying to create the example web application project.

Steps to reproduce the error:
1. Start DataFlex Studio 18 as Administrator
2. Open Quick Start workspace
3. Click "New" next to "Projects" on the workspace dashboard
4. Select web project and click 'Ok'
5. Accept default values in 'Assign Web Application Information' and click 'Ok'

The error message is "The Web Application's virtual directory could not be created" followed by path to Quick Start under DataFlex Examples folder. Here's a screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/7JvP7gb.png

The "C:\DataFlex 18.0 Examples\Quick Start\AppHtml" directory exists and can be written to.

My system passed the 'Web Application Check' during the DataFlex Studio install, and IIS is running and serves the 'It works!' page. Interestingly, the 'Web Application Administrator' and 'Web Application Check' tools under the 'Tools' heading on the top bar don't seem to want to run. I'm not sure if this is connected or not. A search of the forums doesn't turn up anything.

I'm running DataFlex version 18.0.20, Studio Build on a freshly installed Windows 7 Pro with SP1 VM. Pretty much nothing else but DataFlex and an IRC client running on this box. System info (from the Help->About page) is here: http://pastebin.com/U29usa0z

I've probably misconfigured something. Any ideas where I've gone wrong?