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    Arrow Ajax 2.4 alert problem

    I've got a 2.4 Ajax WebApp that I want to add a vdf.gui.alert dialog to. It seems to work as expected except where I want to use it which is in the response to a vdfCall.

            function doSendBase64(b64){
                oVdfCall = new vdf.ajax.VdfCall("oRmtPOD", "get_sGetPicture");
                oVdfCall.bSuppressError = true;
            function SuccessOrFail(oEvent){
                var oVdfCall = oEvent.oSource; 
                sRC = oVdfCall.getReturnValue();
                if (sRC != "0" && sRC != ""){
                    vdf.gui.alert('Done!', 'Photo upload');   <<========== this fails, the process doesn't stop at this point, just whizzes by this line
                    // alert("Done");                         <<========== this works but is unbelievably ugly on a phone
          "rmtPod.asp", "_self");
    I've tried the vdf.gui.alert in a few other locations in the WebApp and it works as expected when used everywhere but in the above code. I've tried this in a regular browser and also on the phone application where this lives and it behaves the same in both places. Any way to fix this?
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