I have a long running 2.4 Ajax MSSQL web site that works as expected. I recently had to make some extensive changes to it so after completing them created a new workspace and Webapp on the customer's server so they can do some testing. It's called FT_Test2. And, there's an FT_Test workspace too which proves I'm not terribly imaginative doesn't it...

MSSQLDRV.INI is kept in the data folder on all of my workspaces and contains the correct connection string. I use a connection ID instead of having the connection string in the .INT files and that is correct.

Here's the problem.

dbExplor, when pointed to workspace and database FT_Test shows FT_Test data as verified in SSMS

dbExplor, when pointed to workspace & database FT_Test2 shows FT_Test data. If I rename MSSQLDRV.INI in the FT_Test workspace, select FT_Test2.sws and attempt to open a table I get an error.

What am I missing here? Are the two workspace names too similar or something strange like that? My applications appear to be functioning correctly.