Hi All,

I am using VDF 17.1 and AJAX Library 2.4 in my web application.

I have one form in which I am using suggest source for one of the input fields as given below (this is the foreign field):
<input type="text" value="" id="DiscA__DiscountPercentage" name="DiscA__DiscountPercentage" title="Discount" size="40" vdfSuggestSource="find" vdfSuggestSourceTable="DiscA" vdfSuggestSourceField="DiscountPercentage" vdfServerTable="DiscA" />
The form has main table set to Customer and not to DiscA table. And I wanted suggest source on 'DiscountPercentage' field of DiscA table that is why I have set vdfSuggestSourceTable, vdfSuggestSourceField and vdfServerTable properties as above.

With this suggest source is working fine.
But I am facing an issue as, if user types some other value in the DiscA__DiscountPercentage input field which is not present in the DiscA table, it simply directly edits the parent DiscA table and changes the parent field value to new one when I hit the save button.

And this is happening due to property 'vdfServerTable'. If I remove this, it does not save. But I need it for suggest source to work.

Is there any way to avoid this behavior and still achieve the suggest source functionality as expected?

Thanks in advance.