I try to read an existing .xlsx file with the StarZen LibXL library and the code below.

I get values in both handles, hoBook hoSheet, but no values in s1, n1 and n2 which I try to read from the Excel sheet. No errors are shown.

Can anyone understand what is wrong?


        Integer hoBook hoSheet
        Get CreateBook of oLibXL True to hoBook     // true means xml xlsx
        Send ComLoad to hoBook sANSIFileName
        Number n1 n2
        String s1
        Get ComGetSheet of hoBook 0 to hoSheet
        Get ComReadStr of hoSheet 0 0 to s1
        Get ComReadNum of hoSheet 6 6 to n1
        Get ComReadNum of hoSheet 6 10 to n2
        Send DestroyAllObjects to hoBook
        Send Destroy to hoBook