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Thread: DataFlex 18.0 Release Candidate 2 now available!

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    Exclamation DataFlex 18.0 Release Candidate 2 now available!

    Welcome to the DataFlex 18.0 Release Candidate 2

    Data Access Worldwide is pleased to announce the availability of DataFlex 2014 - 18.0 - Release Candidate 2!

    You can download the latest build ( at:

    We are excited to introduce the "new look" of Data Access Worldwide and the DataFlex family of products.

    Earlier this year, we outlined our product vision and a multi-step series of company and product re-branding changes to come. Two of them are occurring almost simultaneously today: the introduction of our new logos and the publishing of the release candidate of the first product that proudly uses them: DataFlex 2014/18.0.

    Our new look represents more than a graphical design change. It symbolizes the unique combination of strength, openness, continuity and innovation that you rely on from Data Access Worldwide and DataFlex.

    Changes between Release Candidate 1 and Release Candidate 2

    • The complete set of installation programs (Studio, Server and Client) are available.

    Register 18.0.5
    • Updated description from VDF Registration to DataFlex Registration

    JavaScript Engine
    • Fixed bug in the cWebSuggestionForm where clicking the bold part of a suggestion didn't actually select it.

    Studio Build 18.0.45
    • Fixed bug in Studio preferences import.

    • Final class reference
    • Updated Installation Guide

    • Final PoweredBy graphics
    • Updated DataFlex Personal dll
    • Updated Manual Activation page for DataFlex Personal

    Web Order Example
    • Visual Report Writer text replaced with DataFlex Reports
    • DR logo (embedded in report)
    • Default path for data changed from c:\visual dataflex 17.1 examples\weborder to c:\dataflex 18.0 examples\weborder

    Compatibility Notes
    If you are migrating DataFlex 17.1 Web Framework applications that use manually loaded lists and grids you will need to deal with a n interface change. The improvements in those controls required a change to a struct and there are minor changes required to application code that directly manipulates that struct. The What's New has detailed instructions.

    Client Web Services - Version 18.0 has significant changes in client web-service parsing and processing. If you are using client web services we would really value your testing feedback. Import some of your existing services and see what you get. Note that the new parser allows you to now create classes using a variety of options. Some of these options will result in class code changes, which may require other changes in your application.

    Your Development Team
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